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Lash Extension

About Lash Extensions

These super LUX lashes are applied one by one to your natural lash to create longer, fuller lashes. The extensions are perfect for a special event or for everyday wear. Make your eyes stand out without any makeup on! You will have a personalized consultation to determine what works for you! Faux and authentic mink are available, ensuring the most healthy option for your lashes. See our gallery of images!

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Faux Mink

For your clients looking for a natural, sexy look, Mink Lashes are the way to go! Light, flexible and soft, Mink Lashes look much more realistic. Individual synthetic mink lashes are high-gloss, curled and tapered to perfection for easy application.

LUX set
Initial application $200-225* | up to 2.5 hr
Fill | up to 75 min
2 week $50+
3 week $70+
4 week $80+

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Authentic cruelty free mink

Authentic Mink Eyelash Extensions are gathered by gently brushing the tail of the animal and hand selecting the hairs to use as extensions. They are sterilized and hypo-allergenic. No chemicals or dyes are used. They are extremely lightweight and because of this 2 extensions per natural lash can be applied . Mink lash extensions are soft, “fluffy” and simply fabulous. Have the lashes like the stars in Hollywood, now you can look like a star!

* Prices dependent on lash artist and reflects a starting price.

LUX set
Initial application $ 300-325* | up to 2.5 hr
Fill | up to 75 min
2 week $75+
3 week $100+
4 week $120+

Price dependent on artist
Non Client fills are charged $100/hr and may be more dependent on work. New sets may be required at time of consultation.

Eyelash Packages

LUX Lash Addicts
3 sessions $225 ($255 value)
6 sessions $425 ($510 value)
3 session $210 ($240 value)
6 session $400 ($480 value)

***Multiple sessions may be deducted if not used before a 4 week or if more than 50% of lashes are missing.

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Other Lash Services
Lash Strip $12
Lash Tint $30
Brow Tint $20
Lash Perm $55
Glitter Lash $3/per lash
Colored Lash $1.50/per lash
Real Mink Blend (add real mink to soften and make lashes super plush and natural) $20

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