About Lux Skin & Makeup Studio
LUX Anchorage, AK

Georgia – Owner and Esthetician

I am the proud owner & also a Esthetician of Lux Studios established in 2011. I have always been the one friends & family came to growing up to do their hair & make-up so naturally pursuing the beauty industry was my only choice honestly . I’ve always had this obsession with make-up & aesthetically pretty things! I started off doing a lot of free-lance bridal make-up then from there it’s history!
I am obsessed with Coffee , food and now traveling! When I’m not around the spa I am usually hanging out with my 2 kiddos who keep me present & ooh so very entertained. I love nature & being outdoors really keeps me grounded & helps keep me sane.

I have been an Esthetician now for almost 13 years & have loved every single minute of it. I have met so many great people through out the years & consider many of them dear friends. I am so grateful & blessed that I’ve always had great gals working next to me. I’m really blessed & humbled by all the kind things people say about Lux as whole and hope to continue for many more years!

Thank you to everyone for all your support & love!
Cheers to you all XX


Hi everyone! My name is Tammy and I was working in a banking industry for 8 years. Coming into this field is new to me however, I’ve always been into makeup and love making people feel beautiful. My favorite animal is a butterfly because like human, although they all look different, they are all beautiful in their own way. On my free time, I enjoy being and spending quality time with my husband and two boys who not only keeps me on my toes, but inspires and motivates me every day!


Hello my name is Mou Thao. I was  a nail tech for 8 years and now an esthetician for 2 years. Working with people and making them feel beautiful and confident is the best part of my job! I love surrounding myself with positive energy. Being in this field definitely requires tedious work, an artistic eye, and the skills to deliver. I enjoy doing makeup services for special events, full body waxing, tinting, perming and lashing services. I love fun, innovative ideas and trying new things because that’s what beauty is all about; trial and error, learning from your mistakes and bettering them. The industry is always moving forward so I like to stay on top with what’s new and trendy!
An artist never sleeps so on my free time, I help my husband with his photography and video shoots; sometimes as an assistant or a HMUA. On my real time alone, my guilty pleasure is to paint or watercolor.